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Here’s the first of the many Europe trip posts on my blog!  I decided to talk about this travel into different parts rather than a huge article. There is just a lot of amazing things to cover on this trip! Our first destination was Paris, France. Ah Paris, je t’aime et tu me manques beaucoup! The city of romance definitely lived up to my expectations. Paris is surrounded by art and beauty. I really fell in love with this city and I’m going to start this travel series with one of my favourite landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. Like a child,my eyes widened at the sight of it!

The Eiffel Tower Paris France

I know it’s a must when visiting Paris, but we didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower. While planning our trip, we wanted to buy tickets in advance but oddly, tickets were sold out. We may have missed the boat. We just agreed on not going up the tower, seeing the actual line of people waiting to go up the tower when we were in Paris, I was discouraged. Anyway,  Paris is a hub routing site and we we will surely have a stop over in the city on our next visits to Europe. After this trip, I had a good overview of the city. We will definitely go back and I look forward to see the view of Paris on top of the tower. This was my bf’s second time in  the wonderful city and thankfully,  he was still quiet familiar with the metro/subway system. He saved us a lot of time navigating this beautiful city.The closest Paris Metro station to the Eiffel Tower is Champ de Mars on line RER C. Another Metro station close to the Eiffel Tower is Ecole Militaire on Line 8. On this occasion, we walk all the way from The Louvre (which we left after seeing the long line, we decided to come back in the afternoon since they are open until 10 pm on Wednesday).
Anyway, I was really happy to see the Eiffel Tower! It was a dream come true.:)  It was on our second day on a lovely afternoon when I finally saw it up close. You can actually see a glimpse of the tower in many parts of Paris. I saw it first while we were walking around Champ Elysee, after seeing the Arc de Triomphe. Eiffel Tower is a sight to behold, it looks so majestic in person.



It’s really incredible how someone could build something like this. The architecture looks really complicated and it surely required a very detailed planning. Kudos to you Mr. Gustave Eiffel! Your iron work of art is truly remarkable. Did you know that Parisians were initially against building the Eiffel Tower? They believed that it would ruin the city’s architecture but  Mr. Eiffel proved them wrong. It instantly became the symbol of the city of love and one of the most famous structure in the world.


One sweet thing we did on our visit is have a picnic at Champ de Mars, in front of the Eiffel Tower. Those pastries look so delicious!  We had a food take out from a cute bakery we saw on our way. We ordered some yummy chicken and bread. Champ-de-Mars was such a nice area to have a picnic, there’s plenty of people around the quarter but they are all there to relax. It was a calm area to have a little downtime. On another note, who says Parisians are rude? We actually had such nice encounters with the people of Paris. Maybe because we speak French, perks of living in Montreal but I don’t think so! I had a kind chance meeting with an older couple in their 60’s while we were in a grocery store to buy some water, the lady approached me in English and warned me to keep an eye on my bag. They were so sweet, they wished us to have a nice stay in Paris. Don’t generalize people as the say!

You can see the front view of École Militaire at the end of Champ de Mars garden, it’s such  a nice building not to be missed. The great Napoleon went there to study military strategies. And ofcourse, there’s Tour Montparnasse in all its glory.
Hope you enjoyed this post.  It was my first time travelling to Europe and I was really enraptured by the beautiful places we visited. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who made this all possible. Although he already had the chance to visit many cities in Europe, he was happy to grant my wishes to include them in our itinerary.We took gazillions of photos that I’ll be sharing on my blog. 😀

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